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Helping Spa/Salon Owners Achieve Explosive Marketing Clarity To Enjoy Their Dream Lifestyle


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The clarity that’s always eluded you…



You’re a smart spa owner. You’re confident and enthusiastic about your incredible creation and you always want to be ahead of your game! With the twinkle in your eye and pep in your step, you’re looking to be a game changer in your market and dominate your niche!



Except you keep coming up with the same issue over and over again…



Y’see, when we haven’t addressed an issue fully—we are reminded of it consistently to finally put it to rest. You feel overworked and in many cases, underpaid because you don’t feel clear about your brand and your message. This shows up in many ways, such as :



* Price fluctuations
* Low Self Esteem and Confidence
* Anxiety



And my favourite ?



A challenging relationship with Money.



Money acquisition comes from acquiring new clients and acquiring them, comes from being clear about your market and your message. How many times have people just tried to sell you something that made no relevance to your spa, to make a quick buck?



Plenty of times, I suppose.




“Making a big life change is pretty scary.

But you know what’s even scarier ?




As a spa owner, Author and wise woman, I know what it feels like not to know where your next client is coming from, never mind how to take rest as you’re stuck spinning on that hamster wheel. You desperately want to find a solution to your marketing and branding clarity to give yourself well-deserved rest.



Fortunately, you’re at the right place!



With a plethora of experience in branding overhauls, client attraction and retention strategies – I turn around spas and salons desiring a breath of young, fun and fresh air into their business.



If you’re looking for a solution that gives you the rest, relaxation and revenue you’re looking for…



Welcome home!